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Selling Online in China: Be Mobile, Be Agile

Learn about China’s largest e-commerce players, why having a mobile accessible site is even more important in China and why agility wins over perfection in the highly competitive Chinese e-commerce market. A quick introduction into selling online in China China is currently the largest e-commerce market in the world after having surpassed the US in 2013,…

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Verkopen in China: waar moet ik op letten?

De koopkracht van Chinezen is de afgelopen jaren explosief gestegen. Was het BBP per inwoner in 2008 nog 2.651 dollar, inmiddels is het ruim verdubbeld naar 6.188 dollar per inwoner. Door deze stijging zien steeds meer westerse bedrijven China niet meer alleen als een land voor goedkope productie, maar ook als afzetmarkt voor hun producten….


Innovation in China: The Art of Shanzhai

Much can be said about China’s infamous copy-and-paste culture; large amounts of fake watches, phones, cars and thousands of other knockoffs are being sold on the streets every day. As a result, many foreign companies fear having their products copied when entering the Chinese market, but are they really being copied or are they being…

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A Peek Into the Chinese Water Sector

China’s water resources are scarce, poorly distributed, and heavily polluted. To address this dire water situation, the Chinese government has set water protection as a priority over the next decade. Environmental protection is widely expected to be the core theme in the upcoming 13th five-year plan that will guide Chinese policy between 2016 and 2020….

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Selling in China’s second- and third-tier cities

China’s 2nd and 3rd tier cities offer both domestic and foreign companies a relatively untapped potential to increase their market shares. However, many foreign companies underestimate the vast regional differences in China or are unaware of the opportunities found outside of first-tier cities. This article provides an insight into China’s growing second- and third-tier cities and explains…

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5 Trends Rocking China’s Consumer Market

Offering the lowest price is no longer a sure path to success. Quality is becoming more important. Not having a digital strategy equals failure. Health and wellness are taken more seriously and are gaining awareness. If you want to compete in transitional China you will have to be agile, digital and comfortable with change. A…

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Business Opportunities in China: What To Look For

As a developing nation China offers many business opportunities, but which industries are open to foreign investment and are still likely to grow in 5 years time? Strategic industries and what they mean Business opportunities in China are often linked to the government’s strategic objectives. Every 5 years the government depicts new strategic industries that…

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China’s New Economic Reforms

The third plenum of the Communist Party of China has recently ended and in this article we will discuss some of the key outcomes. The meeting has brought forth new initiatives that will aid in the country’s development for the next decade and will consequently play a crucial role in the structuring of China’s future economy…

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Benefits of Localizing Production in China

Localizing (part of) your production in China provides multiple benefits; lower manufacturing and shipping costs, faster response times and the option to easily adjust your product to fit local market conditions. Localized manufacturing therefore not only enables your company to cut down the overall cost of ownership, it also helps you become more competitive in…

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5 Things Foreign Companies Need to Avoid When Entering China

Learn why foreign companies often fail in China and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.  More and more foreign companies are advancing into China to profit from the country’s growing domestic market. Where else in the world are you going to find a population of 1.3 billion, a growing middle class and a GDP…