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How you can find a market within China’s industrial water sector

Now that we’ve provided you with insights on China’s water pollution issues, the key developments in the Chinese water sector and how they will influence the industrial water market, you can find out how you – as a foreign technology provider – can find a market within this $220 billion water sector. We’ve identified four…

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Effects of recent developments on the industrial water market

Although agriculture is the largest source of water pollution in China, industrials are to blame for the most damaging pollution. At the time of writing there are more than 450 ‘cancer villages’ in China, where cancer mortality rates are at least twice as high as the national average. The rise of cancer villages has been…

Chinese drinking water market

INFOGRAPHIC: Chinese water pollution

We’ve written quite extensively about China’s water pollution, and more specifically about the quality of Chinese drinking water. To summarize the most important points, we’ve made an infographic about (drinking) water pollution in China. Take a look below and let us know your comments.


Key developments that will boost China’s industrial water market

If you’ve been following our latest blog posts on China’s water crisis and drinking water pollution, you will have read about the alarming water crisis China is facing and how central and local governments are required to work on alleviating these issues. Heavy water usage and toxic discharge pollution single industrials out as key targets to…

Executive courses on selling in the Chinese market: register now!

Executive courses on selling in the Chinese market: register now!

Join our executive courses on December 7 and 8, 2015 on selling in the Chinese market. Selling in the Chinese elderly care & rehabilitation equipment market Elderly care is evolving quickly in China’s greying population. In lockstep with the development of elderly care facilities is the need for high-quality foreign equipment. Join our seminar to learn about…

Trade fair

Exhibiting at a Chinese trade fair: 3 things to keep in mind

Exhibiting at a trade fair is practically the same anywhere in the world: you get a booth, bring your marketing materials along, set several appointments and do your best to promote your products and services to potential buyers. However, In China you need to do a few more things before exhibiting at a trade fair,…

Drinking water in China: it reminds us of the air pollution market

Drinking water in China: it reminds us of the air pollution market

China’s drinking water market is following a similar trajectory as the air pollution market; it starts with early adaptors, media attention, a growing awareness and then reaches a tipping point. A point where residential water treatment devices are seen and used by a critical percentage of the populace, leading to a quick and mass adaption across the…

Food scandal china

Food and business scandals in China give rise to foreign brands

A few days ago another food scandal came out in China: authorities had found tons of rotten frozen food –some of which were 40 years old – being sold to consumers all over the country. This is just one example of the many scandals that happen every year in China. Not surprisingly, there’s little trust in…