Chinese drinking water market

INFOGRAPHIC: Chinese water pollution

We’ve written quite extensively about China’s water pollution, and more specifically about the quality of Chinese drinking water. To summarize the most important points, we’ve made an infographic about (drinking) water pollution in China. Take a look below and let us know your comments.

Trade fair

Exhibiting at a Chinese trade fair: 3 things to keep in mind

Exhibiting at a trade fair is practically the same anywhere in the world: you get a booth, bring your marketing materials along, set several appointments and do your best to promote your products and services to potential buyers. However, In China you need to do a few more things before exhibiting at a trade fair,…

Food scandal china

Food and business scandals in China give rise to foreign brands

A few days ago another food scandal came out in China: authorities had found tons of rotten frozen food –some of which were 40 years old – being sold to consumers all over the country. This is just one example of the many scandals that happen every year in China. Not surprisingly, there’s little trust in…


Why working with one exclusive distributor in China is usually not a good idea

Many foreign companies are none the wiser about what they’re really agreeing to when making one party their exclusive nationwide distributor. Though of course you have your exceptions, it’s usually a bad idea to work with only one distributor. Many distributors claim nationwide coverage, but this is often not the case. And even if they do…

Distributors in China

Find and select trustworthy Chinese distributors

Finding a distributor in China is not hard. Finding a good distributor is. There are multiple ways to find Chinese distributors; through trade fairs, referrals, service providers and Chambers of Commerce. However, the key to selecting the right distributor is to ask the right questions. And more importantly, to get those answers verified through due…

Photo: Nick Saltmarsh, Flickr.

5 common pitfalls when distributing in China

Nowadays you don’t need a wholly owned foreign enterprise or a joint venture to get your products into the Chinese market. You can distribute directly into China through using Chinese distribution partners. It was actually never as easy to sell to China as it is now. Yet we see many companies who take this route…

Distributie in China

Distributie in China: 3 handvatten voor industriële bedrijven

Ondanks China’s groeiende markt en stijgende vraag naar buitenlandse kwaliteitsproducten, worstelen veel buitenlandse bedrijven met het succesvol opzetten van hun distributie en verkoop in de Chinese markt. De problemen zijn uiteenlopend. Maar je ziet het vaak al mis gaan in het begin. In dit artikel zal ik daarom kort beschrijven hoe je de meest veelvoorkomende fouten kan voorkomen en welke…

Water filter China

Residential Water Treatment Solutions in China

Residential water treatment systems have emerged in recent years as a solution to China’s serious water pollution problems, bringing a potable water source into the consumer’s home. Penetration rates of water purification devices in China are estimated to be as low as 5% but the market is growing rapidly, and, with an increasing number of…

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Evolution of Drinking Water in China

China’s economic development has occurred at a pace unparalleled in world history. Progress over the course of just a few decades has lifted hundreds of millions of Chinese residents from poverty and a mass migration from rural to urban areas has given rise to a new Chinese middle class. This transformation, the result of reform…

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Ouderenzorg in China: kansen voor het Nederlandse MKB

De Chinese ouderenzorg sector is snel groeiende, maar hoeveel kansen biedt het daadwerkelijk aan het Nederlandse MKB? In dit artikel zullen we kort de markt beschrijven en een aantal handvatten toereiken aan bedrijven die actief zijn in de ouderen- en rehabilitatiezorg en voet aan de grond willen krijgen in China. Laten we eerst eens kijken…