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China biedt grote mogelijkheden voor Westerse bedrijven

Vaak horen we in het nieuws verhalen over de ervaringen van bedrijven met zakendoen in China. Soms positieve, maar over het algemeen overheersen de negatieve verhalen, waardoor soms een vertekend beeld ontstaat over China. Deze week publiceerde The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai de 13e editie van haar jaarlijkse China Business Report. Als een…

By SanZen

A Peek Into the Chinese Water Sector

China’s water resources are scarce, poorly distributed, and heavily polluted. To address this dire water situation, the Chinese government has set water protection as a priority over the next decade. Environmental protection is widely expected to be the core theme in the upcoming 13th five-year plan that will guide Chinese policy between 2016 and 2020….

Picture by Zakreski, Judy. China Business Review, January 1, 2010

Benefits of Entering the Chinese Medical Device Market

China’s Medical Device Market shows tremendous business opportunities for foreign medical device companies, as the rapid growth of China’s healthcare sector is forecasted to reach $11.4 billion by 2015 (UBM Canon research). Overall healthcare spendings (including medical devices) are expected to rise to 7% of GDP (McKinsey & Co) with the objective to reach universal healthcare for all Chinese…