Solutions to
Jumpstart your Activities China

Our solutions are geared towards industrial B2B companies that want to rapidly gain a competitive edge in the Chinese market. We offer two core services that enable you to expand your operations effectively and cost-efficiently:


Our distribution support platform helps you to manage your Chinese distributors better and increase your local market share. As one of our clients noted “There is simply no better way to jumpstart your operations in China”. Our distribution support platform can significantly cut down your start-up costs, lead times and learning curve – resulting in a faster and higher return on investment. See it as an incubator platform that will propel you into the market and that provides strategic support along the way.


Our manufacturing and assembly services go hand-in-hand with our distribution services. They are there to help you adapt your products to local market requirements and cut down your total cost-of-ownership. A locally adapted product with a lower price tag can not only increase your sales in China, but can also give you a cost-advantage in other countries. We specialize in high-mix, low-volume production of complex plastic and metal components and products. In addition we have our own secured assembly spaces for sub- or final assemblies.


With over 17 years of doing business in China we have gained valuable first-hand experiences and developed a strong local network. We are specialized  in the industrial B2B sector and are particularly strong in the envirotech, medtech and watertech sectors.

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LF88 is part of the CHC Group, which was established in China in 1998 by two Dutch entrepreneurs and currently employs over 500 people globally.

Our company’s own success in diverse industries is what sets us apart from our competitors. We are not a consultancy agency. Instead, we offer practical solutions based on the same careful methods we used to build our own company.

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We understand the power of diversity and consequently try to link it to our business. Our management team therefore consists of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, enabling us to provide companies with practical, domain-specific advice on how to do business in the Chinese market.

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Gijsbert de Bruin


Born in the Netherlands, Gijsbert first came to China in 1998 after having worked as an investment banker for a large bank in the Netherlands. Shortly after his arrival in China he established the CHC Group, which currently employs over 500 people and is active in multiple industries in China and abroad. His experience in new business development, B2B sales in China and product development has benefited many companies entering the Chinese market. Gijsbert is a popular guest speaker at conferences on doing business in China, speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and resides in Shanghai with his family.


Job van Schelven


After having worked with KMPG for 7 years in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, serving various large multinational clients, Job continued his professional career with KMPG in China for five more years before joining the CHC Group as CFO. With as B.Sc. and M.Sc. in finance, he has been a adviser for multiple European MNC’s that entered the Chinese market. His areas of expertise lie in the development of business strategies, tax and company structures and bridging the gap between different cultures. Job is also a moderator and speaker at various events, workshops and conferences in China and the Netherlands. Job speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and resides in Shanghai with his family.


Duco van Breemen

Project Manager

Duco has lived in China for nearly 5 years and has worked in a fully owned Chinese company as the only foreign national before joining LF88. His experience of living and working in China’s 2nd tier cities has provided him with a deep understanding of China’s business environment and how to deal with local government bodies. Duco has an M.Sc. in Management from the University of Nottingham and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, English and Dutch. He is currently responsible for Launch Factory 88’s strategy outset and marketing.


Maarten ter Keurst

Market Entry Consultant

Maarten first came to China in 2011 when he was travelling around the world. Intrigued by this vast country full of opportunities he decided to return in 2013 and is now responsible for advising clients on their China entry strategy. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics from Tilburg University and previously worked for one of The Netherlands’ largest Field Marketing organizations. Before joining Launch Factory 88 he worked for a trading company in Shanghai, working with local manufacturers. He speaks fluent Dutch and English.