Distribute your products in China

Many foreign companies struggle to successfully distribute and sell their products in China; they battle with a lack of sales despite proven market potential, worsening results as the years progress and struggle to support and manage their distributors effectively. Yet there are also many foreign companies that thrive in the Chinese market – and so can you. Take a look at our solutions to learn how we can help you increase your sales, become more competitive and eliminate many of the challenges of doing business in China. 

Sales & Distribution Solutions

Increase your sales and manage your distributors more effectively. Our distribution support platform enables you to ramp up your operations and enjoy a cost-efficient and smooth entry or expansion in the Chinese market.

Manufacturing Solutions

Localize your manufacturing and assembly processes to enjoy global cost-advantages, whilst also creating a better product-market fit to generate more sales in the Chinese market.

17 years experience coupled with industry expertise

Make use of our industry-specific expertise and partner network to ramp up your operations and increase your sales in the Chinese market. Benefit from our 17 years of first-hand experience doing business in China to avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smooth entry or expansion in the market. Take a look at our industry expertise for more information or learn about our own successes in the market.

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